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Beautiful Island Cres

Bird's-eye view of St.John beach ( below Lubenice)
  • Cres is the largest Croatian island (405 km²) located in the north Adriatic, in Kvarner Bay. It’s a rocky island where cliffs on the north give way to low parts on the south.  It’s connected to island Lošinj with a bridge in town of Osor .

  • Inhabited since Roman times, it’s filled with history and legends. You can visit numerous small picturesque villages, some situated on the shore (Valun), some in the forest (Beli) and some on the cliffs (Lubenice) for a stunning view.

  • With aprox. 3000 habitats and at least so many flora and fauna species it is a true heaven for nature lovers. Among them is protected Griffon Vulture, the bird with the biggest wingspan in Europe (up to 2.8m), who is sailing whole days (without flapping wings) over the island in search for lunch. Also the friendly dolphins, the biggest and most intelligent mammals swimming in this sea (humans incl.). The monk seal in north Adriatic is unfortunately considered extinct after the death of “Adriana” two years ago (she was living between Cres and Pula).

  • There is a fresh water lake on the island – lake Vrana, largest (6 km²) and deepest (75 m) lake on all Adriatic islands.

  • On island’s 268 km long and 99% uninhabited coastline you will find countless beautiful bays with hidden beaches and crystal clear sea. The best indicator of the extreme purity is a growing Dolphin population. If you meet, they’ll be happy to join you in a race or perhaps perform a stunt for you.
  • A series of attractive underwater locations (sunken ships, reefs, underwater islands, caves,..) will leave breathless all diving enthusiasts.
  • Cres is the right place for active vacation! Swimming, fishing, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, jogging, biking, trekking, hunting,… Or relaxing while sightseeing, dining, filming, photographing, painting, meditating, collecting medicinal and aromatic wild herbs,etc…
  • Island of Cres is a great gastronomic destination. It is most known for it’s olive oil, made for centuries, from 150.000 trees that can be seen everywhere. The lamb is also widely appreciated because the sheep living free in nature during the whole year, and eat aromatic herbs full of sea salt brought by the wind. You can try it in villages Loznati, Krčina or Lubenice prepared in authentic or modern recipes. Of course, there is also a plethora of various fish, shells, squids, crabs, that together with olive oil and local fruits and vegetables make fundamentals of the healthy Mediterranean cuisine.
Undear the sea inside The Blue Grotto

Cres will surely tempt you with its uniqueness to return again as soon as one visit because it contains so many places, beach and mazes that are impossible to explore all at once.